Letter: Wind, solar farms set for Allen County

Is anyone aware that Invenergy is planning the “largest hybrid renewable energy project in the world” just outside of Lima, in Allen county?

The project will feature 175 MW of wind power and 150 MW of solar. According to an article in CleanTecha, “Vahan Gevorgian, a chief engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, tells Inside Climate News, “It will create economic opportunities for wind in parts of the U.S. where wind [farms are] not present.” More utility companies are looking at combining wind and solar at the same location he says.”

Later in the article, “Gabe Klooster, a project analyst for Invenergy, says his company was attracted to the site near Lima because it is right next to a transmission line that can transport power to the grid. The sweetener is that land acquisition costs in the area are comparatively low. Construction of the wind turbines is expected to begin next year.”

You can call me the crazy turbine lady, but I have warned you this would happen. And it appears as though, this is just the beginning. This is how the wind energy industry operates….under the veil of secrecy, so neighbors are kept in the dark.

Dawn Davis, Spencerville

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