Letter: Tax cuts for the wealthy are holding US back

A recent report revealed that the top 20 percentof American households paid $200 billion less in taxes due to the 2017 tax cuts. Two hundred billion dollars could have been spent on other items that would strengthen America:

• The total bill for dental care in the U.S. was $124 billion. $200 billion could provide dental care for everyone while creating jobs.

• $200 billion is exactly the amount estimated by the American Society of Engineers as needed to fill the gap between our current spending and our needed spending to repair and build up our infrastructure. This spending would immediately create well paying jobs and future jobs.

• Each student enrolled in colleges could receive $10,000 per year for tuition.

• We did not need the extra tax cuts for corporations at a time when our companies were “sitting on the largest cash pile in history.” Certain aspects for small business and rewarding development may have been helpful. Meanwhile the deficit rises.

Cris Elstro, Lima

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