Letter: Run-around from a governor candidate

The next Ohio governor should support free speech Think before you vote. Do you want a governor that will not uphold the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

In the summer of 2016, Juergen Waldick, our Allen County prosecutor, laid down a mandate that I was not allowed to speak to any personnel in the Prosecutors Office. He further stated he did not want me to speak to them outside of the office. This did not seem correct so I spoke with other elected Officials. It was suggested I should send this on to the Ohio Attorney General. So I contacted Mike DeWine.

DeWine responsed by letter, saying the Attorney Generals Office would not do anything about this but advised that I should contact the Ohio Supreme Court. I did and the Supreme Court would not do anything, stating Mr. Waldick is a prosecutor and they only do attorneys and judges.

Perhaps I am confused due to the fact that the legal requirement detailed in the Ohio Revised Code for “County Prosecuting Attorney” is that the individual be a licensed practicing attorney. If Mike DeWine as Ohio Attorney General will not protect freedom of speech, imagine what other liberties he would allow people in power to take with the laws of our state and country if he were to be elected governor.

Please vote,but think before you do.

David O. Smith, Lima

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