Letter: What kind of leader ….

I, like millions of other Americans, love our democracy and constitution. However, with our current administration we seem to be going down a slippery slope to destruction of life that we once cherished and held in high esteem. Consider the following questions:

• What kind of leader separates children from their parents and puts them in cages? His own wife was so outraged by this act that she confronted him and convinced him to change his policy.

• What kind of modern day leader refuses to release tax information?

• What kind of leader attacks freedom of the press and tells lies about hush money?

• What kind of leader says to raise the age for buying assault weapons by civilians instead of banning civilians from buying them?

• What kind of leader sanctions tariffs that harm dairy farmers in Wisconsin and soy growers throughout the Midwest? Farmers could receive a reportedly $12 billion dollar taxpayer bailout which would increase our deficit. Farmers want fair trade, not handouts.

• What kind of leader builds a border wall instead of seeking ways to encourage foreign government reform to give their citizens a reason to stay home?

• What kind of leader wants our military men and women to march down the nation’s capital streets for a military parade to salute a chickenhawk?

We must say and do something because ignoring all this does not make it cease to exist. Do not passively accept evil. Voting is the only way to help and to be heard.

Richard Nichols, Lima

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