Letter: Democrats: It’s time to think straight

To the Democrats:

Are you listening to Main Stream Media (MSM)? Do you think President Trump’s not fulfilling his promises? Go to promiseskept.com. If Democrats get power, you get open borders — drugs/sex trafficking. Democrats say immigrants take jobs Americans don’t want. That’s the same as calling them beneath us. President Trump wants leaders to take care of their own people so they can stay home to provide for and enjoy their families.

Women’s rights? Democrats are yelling about women’s rights. These are the same people killing baby girls (abortion) so they never get to use their rights. Little babies are in the womb thinking: “Mama, I love you”.

Paid protesters: Democrats are using you! If they get in power, you will be just another casualty. They will drop you like a “hot potato.” Anger comes from fear. Why do you think they use MSM. Been controlling us for years.

Clinton and Waters are telling you to be rude, uncivil toward Republicans, Trump supporters? “He who is glad at calamity will not go unpunished”.

Increased taxes, slavery record, KKK. Remember their past record. Listen to what they are not saying!

Jane Duling, Columbus Grove

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