Letter: Prison dog program helped so many

I am writing this letter in regards to the recent surge of interest in prison dog training programs throughout Ohio.

Noah Turner wrote that if a dog being killed can happen at another facility, it could happen here. Please do not hold the ill-willed actions of one inmate towards all inmates. I have trained approximately 25-30 dogs, some of which, I was asked to do specific training. For example, I trained Trisha, a German Shepherd mix, for a veteran who has P.T.S.D. I kept her for 20 weeks and by the time she left me she knew over 40 different commands. The reason I have taken it upon myself to mention this specific dog is because I have received pictures of her new family and it was obvious that they were very satisfied with her and her training just by the smiles on their faces.

Dorothy Miner, the primary trainer that came into Allen Oakwood (along with two other women), spent their free time without being paid to come in here and train us inmates on a weekly basis. They gave us the opportunity to save a life. I am one of many who successfully completed 4,000 hours of training.

I simply ask that anyone that has ever adopted a dog that was trained through a prison dog program to speak up and speak out about their ownership experiences. I would like to see this program re-instated as it is mutually beneficial for the shelters, dogs and the inmates.

William Maag, Inmate at Allen Correctional Institution

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