Letter: Time to end Jordan tenure

I usually eschew political ads, hitting “mute” or changing the channel. They mostly favor emotion over information. But at least some of the commercials with regard to our 4thdistrict election are telling.

Janet Garrett’s messages portray her in discourse with workers, meeting with ordinary people at restaurants, joining citizens in local parades, and, finally, speaking quietly and directly to the viewer about her commitment to voters and our district.

The Jim Jordan spot I’ve seen sports folks bearing looks of sincerity, followed by a demure Jordan smiling at the camera, his doe-faced witnesses having purported that he “works hard.”

Doing what, I would ask?

In seven terms, he has passed absolutely no legislation — zero. Not true of peers Rob Portman, Sherrod Brown, and Bob Latta. Jim’s activity seems centered around “ferreting out” political opponents that stand in the way of his power. He has failed as a lawmaker.

This voter wants real representation, a grassroots candidate who will listen to voters, reach across the political aisle, and do her best to craft and pass bills into law that will truly help us.

I try to look beyond party to the candidate. In this election, I will vote for both Democrats and Republicans. I will not vote for Jim Jordan. (I likely have at least once in the past.)

He no doubt believes that his office is a sure thing, his district having been sketched out by his party. Let’s surprise him, fellow 4th District Republicans, Democrats and Independents!

Let’s vote for someone who will represent and work for all of us, who is a teacher, who cares.

Let’s elect Janet Garrett!

Gene Aufderhaar, Bluffton

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