Letter: Cordray fights for all Ohioans

I have known Rich Cordray for 21 years. He is honest and has great integrity. He has always worked hard to protect Ohioans. I believe he is the only choice to lead Ohio in the right direction.

I have a pre-existing health condition and I know that Rich will fight with all he has to make sure we don’t lose that coverage, unlike his opponent, who is flip-flopping on his position. His opponent now says he will protect us when he signed a letter dated Jan. 10, 2001 to join a lawsuit to get rid of that coverage his first day as Ohio Attorney General. Rich won’t let that happen.

Mike DeWine viciously attacked his Republican opponent in the primary and is now, as usual, done nothing but attack Rich. He is not who we need as our next governor. Rich Cordray is the only choice for Ohioans next governor.

He will fight for women’s rights; he will fight to bring money back to the local governments. He will always fight to protect all Ohioans

Elect Richard Cordray as our next governor to lead Ohio in the right direction.

Sheila Frueh, Lima

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