Letter: May our future begin soon

I am only one single person. I am not a rich person. I am only 28 years old. I am raising two children and their future is more important to me than my own.

For me climate change has caused me so much anxiety that it has been difficult to think about anything else. The idea of my children not having a similar life experience that I have had just fills me with so much hurt. These thoughts all bring me to why I am writing this letter.

AEP is proposing to bring new solar power to its customers. There has been an overwhelming amount of support from AEP’s customers for this to happen. This would be effecting nearly 1.5 million customers. A decision has not been made yet but letters like the one I am writing can help to bring attention to it.

A ‘yes’ decision to this proposal will more than double Ohio’s solar energy capacity and lower everyone’s bills over the long term. This will also bring needed jobs to Ohio. If this proposal is accepted, we could be on the road to changes for our future and more importantly our children’s future and their children’s future.

Once again, I am only one single person on this magnificent planet. I only have one voice, a small voice at that in comparison to everything else. I am choosing to try to get someone to hear my tiny voice. I hope that people are listening and that we can all start working together.

Here’s to our future. May it begin soon.

Chelsey Miller, Lima

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