Letter: Drain the swamp; people before politics

Kudos to Mary Smallwood for having the intestinal fortitude to speak out with regard to the Kavanaugh fiasco. Those who think Dr. Blasey Ford came forward for political reasons are sadly mistaken. It is entirely understandable that she was unable to recall every detail of something that occurred 30-plus years ago. Mary is correct that “We The People” can eject these long term incumbents at the ballot box.

We, in the 4th congressional district, can begin that process on Nov. 6th by voting for Janet Garrett as our representative to Congress. Janet will continue to support workers’ rights, champion access to a quality education no matter the students’ zip code and fight for protections for women who are victims of sexual abuse and harassment.

Janet’s motto is: People Before Politics.

Kathleen K. Ruhlen, Lima

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