Letter: Danger in Delphos: A death trap

This letter is to warn the community about a danger in Delphos.

After taking my dog to “potty” late at night in the summer months, it is common for me to grab a large pop at the gas station and sit out front of my building watching traffic from the corner of Second and Main.

A lot of Delphos traffic lights start “blinking” at midnight — yellow-caution, red-stop.

I’m shocked at the number of cars that run the red light flashing on Main! Most go through without even slowing down, but some hit the brakes half-way under, after realizing a mistake.

I stopped at the City Building a month ago to voice my concern. The mayor was out, so I spoke with another city official. told him about an easy solution to the problem: Have both corners blink red, then both vehicles would have to run the red for a collision. He said “I’ll look into it.”

Two weeks passed with no action, so I stopped again to check on this matter. I was told that “I was the only complaint.” My concern isn’t a “complaint.” I’m simply the only one out at that late hour watching the traffic flow! There is a lot greater chance of a “sad” funeral, than there is of receiving another complaint.

It’s been two more weeks, and still no action. Lack of sense and /or compassion cannot prevail! Inaction is not an option! Please check with other business owners who agree with me, and eliminate this death trap.

Daniel A. Dawe, Delphos

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