Letter: Jim Jordan fights for us

I see that the local Democrat Party Machine is still using its usual lame talking points while they are trying to defeat U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, the best local Congressman this area has ever had.

A cabal of UAW officials and self important university professors have banded together to try to foist Ms. Garret onto the voters of Allen County. Frankly, the letters they have been writing to The Lima News would be laughable if they were not taken so seriously by the writers. Jim Jordan is truly doing the work of the people in trying to ferret out treasonous and criminal members of the Deep State and the so called Justice Department. We truly need him to continue with his work.

It is easy to see why the Left (led by the UAW and teachers union operatives) are so very desperate to replace him with a Liberal / Socialist / Progressive (Communist?) rubber stamp for Pelosi. Folks who watched the way the Democrats attempted to destroy a good man just to keep him off of the Supreme Court should realize that they deserve to be totally defeated. This same cabal is trying to destroy the only hope our country has of surviving as a Constitutional Republic by removing President Trump from office. (Note that I did not say Our Democracy, which is not the type of government we have even though the Democrats cannot admit that.)

If we want to be able to pass on the freedom we currently have and are fighting to keep to our children, the Democratic Machine must be defeated.

Kenneth E Harris, Lima

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