Letter: To all Allen County Democrats: It’s time to wake up!

I want to do a Paul Revere’s Ride of a different fashion. I know there are Democrats in Lima that have never been contacted by the Allen County Democratic Party. I’m calling now for your help to get Janet Garrett elected to House and Sen. Sherrod Brown re-elected to the Senate.

When Bush was in office, I went to several of Allen County Democratic meetings along with my business partner. Last year I emailed the leader of the party and this year to Jeff Rex, twice, and have yet to receive a reply.

The Allen County Democratic Party, unfortunately, is not organized nor does it do justice for the citizens who want to vote and support their Democratic candidates.

The Paul Revere point is to get the local Democrats out to take part in standing up for your politicians and making your vote count.

The supporters of Janet Garrett have opened a Democratic office at 562 W. Market St. (across from McDonald’s) and Alex from Urbana is there everyday. If I were a member of the local Democratic party, I would be ashamed that people from other Ohio towns and cities are doing my job. This volunteer group needs your help with phone banks and door knocking.

Jim Jordan must be defeated. I looked up his voting record and some other areas of interest; he ranks zero percent on women’s rights and zero percent on Planned Parenthood.

Democrats of Lima:We need you and you can make a difference.

Thanks again to The Lima News for expressing the opinions of everyone, not just one party.

Carole Daley, Lima

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