Letter: Sad time for our country

I am concerned with what is happening in our country. It is clear that our president has not changed from his womanizing, sexual discriminating days of belittling women to colleagues on the bus with Billy Bush, like he was in a “good old boys” locker room, with his power trip at the Miss Universe pageant. He told Billy Bush that he had the power to touch these women anywhere he wished because he had power. We have a president who has no morals and has probably caused post-traumatic stress disorder for many contestants.

Not to mention, his most recent bullying of Dr. Ford. Not only is he a bully, he is a hypocrite. Recently he told the nation he found Dr. Ford to be very credible one day, only to discredit everything she said the next day, victimizing her all over again.

Everyone knows someone who has been sexually abused or have been abused themselves.

According to RAINN.org, one out of every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime, and every two minutes an American is sexually assaulted. We must hold our politicians and leaders to a higher standard.

Now comes the problem. We have a Congress that folds like a house of cards. We have followers, not leaders in our Congress that are just a bunch of “yes men” to our president. I am a registered Republican. We have to have a change!

Mary Smallwood



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