Letter: Yes, blinders have been removed

People did remove their blinders in the last election which is the reason Mr. Trump is now President Trump. And it has caused the left to become blindly stupid. Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

Trump won because America had become all to tired of the left and their agenda of lies and hypocrisy which has continued to this day in their childish rantings and efforts to try to unseat a sitting president.

Never in my lifetime have I seen the constant hate and vile behavior demonstrated by the left against what essentially is the entire nation who voted this man into office. Dorothy’s house landed on the wicked witch of Arkansas and they want their ruby slippers back.

To the left that are still in power this was nothing less than a shock to their system from which they can’t quite seem to recover. They wander aimlessly about crying “The sky is falling” while the sane people look up and see the sunshine of a fine day.

The real news? What is that? All the news of today does is parrot all of the bad they are spoon fed from the left about how much trouble out country is in since this man won.

Is the sky falling due to the economy? The jobs numbers? North Korea talks? The list goes on. Two years we have wasted taxpayer dollars trying to find a speck of evidence on this so called Russian collusion which has produced absolutely nothing. Instead it tears at the fabric of the country and frankly, people are sick of it.

Let’s face it, the people rejected the left and its socialist policies because normal thinking people do not want socialism in this nation as they are at least smart enough to have noticed the devastating effects that socialist policies have had throughout the world.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings

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