Letter: Zoos have much to offer

For years, it has been a tradition for parents to take their kids on a trip to the zoo. However, many people have a negative view of zoos, seeing them as cruel animal prisons that cage animals for the sake of human entertainment.

While that was the case in the earlier days of zoos, the purpose of those places has changed.

Zoos are no longer about entertainment, but are instead about education and conservation. Part of the vital role that zoos play in wildlife conservation includes captive breeding and eventual reintroduction of animals into the wild. Several animals have been saved by these actions, such as the red wolf, Arabian oryx, and California condor. Those animals would be extinct by now if it weren’t for the combined efforts of zoos.

Zoos are also probably the only places where people can see animals such as a giraffe or jaguar in person, since not everyone can afford a trip to Africa or Brazil. In all, zoos play an important role in protecting the world’s species of animals for the next generation.

Thomas Huffman, Lima

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