Letter: Lima is a go nowhere city

Lima has a 30-percent poverty level. It ranks up there as one of the worst cities for crime in the United States. It is a go nowhere city, full of drugs and crime and much more. The mayor keeps looking for ways to make it better, but for what? It has nothing to offer. You would think he would see the light.

All the money put in railroad underpasses and overpasses, for what? The railroads do not hire here. It is a change over for crews from Toledo and Cincinnati. They put no money into Lima whatsoever. He might try to fix the pathetic roads in this city so people’s cars stop getting torn up.

They grated two streets over by me two years ago, and to date they have never been blacktopped. The sidewalks are nice on West Street, but the streets need repaired so people can drive, not walk. I had an accident due to a hole in the road, and it took me two years to get back to normal. That was three years ago, and the hole is still there.

Roads all over town need repaired, and the mayor does nothing.

Make Lima beautiful at the entrances? I think not. We need good roads, industry and higher paying jobs, but no one will come here as it is what I call a welfare town. People do not want to work.

I could go on and on and have the proof, but for what? Nothing ever changes, so shame on the mayor and the governor of Ohio.

Kathleen Burkholder



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