Letter: Hearings bring end to civility

As the Democrats rant about Trump and Kavanaugh, I see a lack of belief in the rule of law and an end to civility. President Trump’s agenda is up for a vote Nov. 6.

Now we have heard the Democrats piling on Judge Kavanaugh with more women who have only words and cloudy memories of some time way in their drinking past with some man who probably was not Bret Kavanaugh. Everyone says the time and place of a traumatic experience is never forgotten. They have been coached to the conclusion that the man was a very young Bret Kavanaugh.

Just words, cloudy memories, zero proof. Not guilty.

All of this is the Democrats working on their goal of doing everything, anything to stop President Donald Trump from continuing to Make America Great Again.

They want to take over the House. They want to reverse the great things that President Trump has done over the past two years. The Democrats would eliminate the tax cuts and regualation cuts tbat have empowered our best economy in the last 30 years and the jobs the economy has created.

President Trump has opened dialogue with North Korea that has started cooperation between our two countries for the first time since the 1940s.

There are discussions regarding addressing unbalanced trade deals made in the past as we look to make them less unfavorable to the United States.

President Trump has worked to keep his campaign promises even though the RINOs have failed to eliminate obamacare and build the WALL. A resounding Republican victory should impress the importance of the Trump Agenda on the RINOs. Vote Trump.

Phillip C. Sellati, Lima

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