Letter: Worst political ideology? Apathy

As a canvassing volunteer for the Janet Garrett campaign, I’ve encountered few Republican supporters. Worse yet, I’ve run into individuals succumbing to Democratic nihilism. “I don’t vote,” or “I don’t care about politics” are the refusals I receive.

They were nice about this and I don’t really blame them.

Despite what a Trump fanboy will tell you, the swamp still stews in DC — with corporate interests controlling policy that affects the lives of every citizen no matter how little they care to notice. The establishment loves this attitude more than the loyalty of whatever party they want in power next. This resignation to ignore what the 1 percent are doing to our society allows them to keep it up.

Big Pharma made Trump cut Medicaid even though he said he wouldn’t. Telecom bought every Republican’s vote to kill Net Neutrality as well as your online privacy. The Koch Bros. practically controls the GOP, including U.S. Representative Jim Jordan. Meanwhile, Janet Garrett wants to end big money influence so that our representatives can truly represent us. But she needs your help.

The majority control a Democracy, not the few. It is up to us to decide how our tax money is spent. Please register to vote! Don’t let them sell our quality of life down the river to their wealthy donors. In the coming decade, when those making less than $75,000 annually see their taxes go up along with the jacked-up deficit only to see their benefits decrease, recount these words of Plato: “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” They can’t ignore us all.

Cody Tucker, Lima

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