Letter: Where is help for elderly?

In Ohio we have the passport system, which assists elderly who are living on their own home. This is cheaper than nursing homes.

Unfortunately the government/Ohio will not pay any wages, so when passport hires the nursing companies to send aides to the home at minimum wage. The people they hire do not really want to work. They schedule them to help and then the aide does not show up and the poor elderly person is left with no help, even though there are some who need it desperately.

There is no excuse for this, but what is really tragic in Lima is the lack of people who want to work for $8.25 an hour. Until the state realizes that no one is going to work for that pathetic wage, it will not get any help and the elderly suffers.

What is really tragic is some of these nursing companies keep hiring losers th do not show they give them several more chances when they should say “you are fired.” These companies get the biggest share of the money and still no help for the elderly.

Kathy Burkholder, Lima

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