Letter: Don’t forget circle of life

We face many problems in our society today, such as racial discrimination and poverty, but, there’s also a very important issue that needs ample attention: the preservation of endangered species of animals and ecosystems.

Extinction is an irreversible process that should not be ignored. Almost every day, thousands of acres of rainforests and various other habitats are being destroyed for human development. Rhinos and elephants are being slaughtered for their horns and tusks, and wild cats for their fur coats. Parrots and various species of reptiles are being captured illegally for the pet trade. If we are to ensure our own survival, we must help ensure the survival of species like those. We must help zoos protect endangered species of animals, and we must do all in our power to slow, or hopefully, even stop the evils of habitat destruction, pollution, and poaching.

So, while poverty and racism are very serious issues, we must also pay very close attention to ensuring that we can live in harmony with the great circle of life.

Thomas Miller Huffman, Lima

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