Letter: Gospel tent blessed and growing

The officers of The Gospel Singing Tent want to publically thank all of those who made the 38th year at the Allen County Fair such a success. We had great attendance and awesome Gospel music, even with the rainy weather.

While fair attendance was down 6.86 percent, we were up 4.4 percent. Without all of your help and donations, we would never have continued to grow! The 25 churches, 84 individuals, and the 417 businesses totaling 526 donors, provided the most donations in the history of the tent.

The churches, individuals, and business owners in Lima and surrounding counties have been very generous and willing to help support our tent. God has surely blessed our tent! The more money that is raised allows us to hire more “nationally known and award winning groups” and provide the best Gospel music available at no charge to those in attendance! Watch for next year’s lineup — you will like it! We want to make known that WTON, WTLW-TV 44, and iHeart Radio provided more coverage and support than we could have ever asked. We are truly blessed! To all of you, we say thank you.

Gene Derringer, secretary - treasurer, the Gospel Singing Tent

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