Letter: Nice couple; naughty kitten

My son and I decided on breakfast at the Lucky Steer in Wapakoneta. The night before I put all my credit cards in a new billfold. As I was doing this, our kitten was playfully knocking the cards from the onto the carpet.

As usual the Lucky Steer was packed with customers. It held memories of the many times my late husband and I would eat there.

When I went to pay the bill, I looked in my purse and couldn’t find the billfold. I went out to the car to see if my billfold had fallen out of my purse. It was not there. I went back into the restaurant and was told a young man and his wife had paid our bill. I’m so grateful and want to thank them.

When I got home I searched for the billfold. At first I couldn’t find it, then I saw the kitten had pushed it under the couch.

Marilyn Wilcox



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