Letter: Remove blinders; open your mind

If one listens to, or watches, anything but the Trump Media Network (Fox), one would see that the so-called rigged witch hunt has caught a lot of witches, or should I say warlocks since all the individuals charged and/or have pleaded guilty in the Mueller Investigation have been men.

Members of the current administration have colluded, conspired and/or assisted the Russian Communists in a multitude of ways to undermine our electoral process and democracy. Our country’s entire intelligence network has agreed Russia is responsible for this. The Republican Majority in Congress sits idly by, or gives the situation minimal lip service, while the current president tweet trashes our entire judicial system, law enforcement institutions, intelligence community and the free press, and at the same time, heaps praise on the main culprit, Vladimir Putin. Our president has proven he doesn’t care about the truth, or the rule of law, or the U.S. Constitution and violates it continuously while the GOP Leadership just turn a blind eye, in violation of their own constitutional duty.

Say what you will about the real news, but they are doing their job as the First Amendment of the Bill Of Rights in the U.S. Constitution allows them to do; speaking truth to power.

Until the citizens of this country get actively involved in our democracy, take their blinders off and limit their hero worship to someone who deserves it, our republic is in mortal danger of being just a memory.

Larry Donaldson, Elida

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