Letter: Lima couple are I-75 heroes

On Sept. 8th, as I was driving from Wapakoneta to Lima on Interstate 75, I had an accident. It was raining, night time, and I was passing a semi, when all of a sudden I slid down into the median, crashing into the poles and wires.

I had hit my head on the side window before the bag inflated. Somehow I ended up back on the highway. Vehicles were going past and soon, a vehicle stopped and Chris and Jill Sarven came to help. Chris used his strobe light to notify drivers of the accident. Jill came directly to me and comforted me and my son. If it had not been for them, we could have been rear-ended so easily.

I want to thank Chris and Jill for being there at the right time. They helped prevent what could have been a lot worse than it was, even though my vehicle was totalled.

Susan Renshaw, Lima

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