Letter: Kavanaugh not right fit

Brett Kavanaugh has too many things that are unanswered for him to sit on the Supreme Court. My objections have been on presidential powers and Roe v Wade.

My concern regarding presidential powers has to do with this president’s inability to act with logic vs emotion, prior to but including the anonymous letter in the New York Times. In regard to Roe v Wade, just because I may not choose to have an abortion does not mean that I vote against another women’s right. I also am a strong believer that men have no business in deciding what a woman can do with her body.

I think we need a Justice who is more in the center. We have left-leaning and conservative Justices, a balance is needed. This is crucially important, given that these people are on the bench for years and it appears that the Supreme Court is becoming more political. That absolutely is not how it should be.

For too long the focus of government appears to be political with lobbyists running the show. What about governing for the people? We vote you in and from that point whoever has the most money is who the senators and representatives are concerned.

As voters, we need to demand more. If our demands are not met then vote them out and continue doing so until we get a person who is willing to fight for the people and the state like Sherrod Brown. This is one man who has continued to fight for the state of Ohio. Look at his record.

Carole Daley, Lima

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