Letter: Anyone can write a book

Reacting to Mr. Carr’s article on three anti-Trump books, I found it amusing that anyone would believe that because they have the same conclusion they “must” be factual. The truth is anyone can write a book about anything from polygons to politics and it doesn’t have to be true. It can be written by someone who wants to stir up trouble, someone who just got fired or someone who wants to feel relevant again.

The biggest reason people write books, I believe, is to cash in on whatever the current theme is. And, mostly for money! The question of whether President Trump is competent, rational, and a sober minded adult (as Carr questioned) can easily be seen by the success he has made and promises kept to benefit our country. As they say the proof is in the pudding.

Our economy is doing great, retirement accounts are up, the dow is above normal, our military is finally free to make better decisions, more jobs than people, GDP upwards 4.2%, more people off food stamps, fear of terrorism down, ISIS controlled, tax cuts that boost the economy, talking with N. Korea regarding use of nuclear weapons these are all positive steps for our country to remain strong and resourceful.

Unfortunately, much of the media is not reporting the positive things this President and administration is doing or has done. People are smarter than that and cannot be fooled. If only we as a country could come together and realize we have a lot more in common than not. Divided we are weak, together we are strong. Make a difference, go out and vote.

Marilyn Gratz, Lima

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