Letter: Help Deb, help animals

A member of our community, Deb Helser, devotes her time to working with, and rescuing, mistreated animals. I have met Deb, and am incredibly impressed with her selfless devotion to our furry friends.

Deb does this work as a labor of love. She gets no compensation and pays for the expense of rescuing, treating and placing of animals into new forever homes. She maintains shelters for the animals, and many times after rescue, she has to take sick or injured animals to various vets here in town or to the emergency vet clinic. The money for these treatments comes from her own pocket, or from the efforts she has made to raise funds to help. I might add that, even though Deb is doing these services as a human interest, she seldom receives discounts from the veterinarians.

We are asking for pet owners and animal lovers in the Lima area to assist in this wonderful endeavor We also are asking the vets to consider a discount or reduction in fees to assist in this great cause, if they are not already doing so.

Please contribute whatever you can to: Deb’s Dogs, P.O. Box 1002, Lima, OH 45802-1002. This organization operates on a shoestring, and your contribution could make all the difference.

Thanks very much to all who can help Deb and her animals. Maybe one day you will own one of the rescues.

Nancy Reiff, Elida

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