Letter: Three books, same conclusion

“Fire and Fury,” written by Michael Wolff; “Unhinged”, written by Omarosa Manigault Newman; “Fear: Trump in the White House”, written by Bob Woodward: Three books, three different authors, the same scary story.

In his new book, famed journalist Bob Woodward, who has covered every president since Richard Nixon, describes the Trump administration as a “nervous breakdown of executive power.”

The president of the United States is more than the chief executive officer of our national government, he is the commander in chief of the the world’s most powerful military. In matters of national security he wields awesome power. In short, the president has the power and responsibility to make decisions regarding war and peace, decisions that can have catastrophic consequences. It’s the kind of decisions that should rest in the hands of a competent, rational, sober minded adult.

In an interview with CBS reporter David Martin, Woodward said, “You look at the operation of this White House and you have to say, let’s hope to God we don’t have a crisis.”

So far we haven’t, let’s hope we don’t. There is far too much at stake.

James Carr



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