Letter: Abuse horrible in many ways

The sexual abuse of children by priests in Pennsylvania is horrible and unacceptable, especially for the person abused, but also because it casts suspicion on the hordes of good priests and bishops and their message.

But is this new news or old news? A cursory review of the priest abuse database on the web indicates that maybe this is re-circulation of old news. What is the need, relevancy and purpose of regurgitating old news in a study of old data that has been discussed for 15 years? Wouldn’t the study be more relevant if it concerned new occurrences since the issue blew up 15 years ago?

It is interesting that the loudest noise is coming from hypocritical people who bless horrible child abuse in other areas.

Why don’t we hear from such critics and activists regarding the support and/or promotion of the ultimate abuse of children: the brutal murdering of a million unborn children a year? Why do so many support candidates, such as Clinton, who outspokenly promote abortion?

Why don’t we hear from such critics regarding the promotion of a “free sex” culture and its pillars of fornication and adultery? Half of births (approaching 75% for some ethnic areas) are to mothers who are not married to the fathers. This “free sex” culture abuses millions of children by subjecting them to a life of poverty, lack of mentoring by a good father of high values, poor education, low self-esteem, envy, hooliganism, gangs, and crime.

We need relevant current news and equal attention to these other abuses!

James Powell, Lima

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