Loyal Americans,not party wonks

I find it laughingly disgusting that two Republicans call Mr. McLoughlin to task about his very informative letter about John McCain and Donald Trump. The last one mentions that McCain turned his back on his party.

Dear sir, After they are elected they are party free! They work for me and and every other taxpaying American. The government does not make money to pay it’s officials. You and I pay them! So they should put down their cell phones and start talking (like with their mouths) to the rest of their Congressional members. They are now free-thinking Americans getting paid by tax payers and are to work for them — not the party. This is the basic “wrong” with the Congress of today. They should be loyal Americans, not party men!

Oh, I forgot. They are primarily interested in keeping their jobs. And with constituents that only believe in “the Party” they should be able to retain their jobs with this mindset.

Does it seem a little “two-faced” that they are against unions because they “back” their people, but they want the same from their party? Another joke?

Congress is such a wonderment! I guess we all are just confused!

Not I … Ha!

Louise Myers, Cairo

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