Letter: Words can’t describe GOP

It will be Autumn on Sept. 22, and you know what that means: Our state Rep. Bob Cupp will pop up and make his seasonal two-sentence statement. If we wait about 60 more days this year, he will make a two-paragraph statement about getting reelected. This is what we have come to expect from this 40-year public servant.

If you analyze the party in power for the last 40 years here in Ohio, you will see no jobs or commerce are directly related to our state representative or congressional representative. If there was a time that the party was rotting from the head down, it would be this election cycle.

Sure you can vote for a Democrat because we expect every one of them to directly promote our economy, schools, healthcare and rights as citizens. Being holed up like Punxsutawney Phil is no way to serve the public, who expect jobs and commerce to be promoted from every elected official. Why it is not expected from the other side is beyond me.

The Democratic state representative candidate, Tristan Cheeseman, even as a young man, realizes jobs and commerce are a job requirement for a state representative. Stop voting against your own best interest.

Bo Huenke



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