Letter: Windbag Cordray full of hot air

Wednesday night, the local news covered a visit to Findlay by Richard Cordray for governor. Cordray proved that he is dangerous for Ohio.

In a majority of the coverage, he enthusiastically proclaimed industrial wind energy for Ohio and promised to increase it. Unfortunately, no media in Nortwest Ohio has covered the recent blade shear in Van Wert. Not one. On Aug. 26th, a blade exploded and 10 foot chunk was thrown 825 feet. The occurrence was caught on video and verified with pictures.

The weather was calm. 911 was called, along with the company, Avangrid, but the turbine continued to operate, despite this catastrophic failure. There is pending legislation right now, HB 114, being pushed by industrial wind energy to shorten the distance between a turbine and a home.

Mr Cordray, industrial wind energy is not dependable, notsafe, not cheap and not for Ohio. Get your facts from some place other than the wind energy producers.

Dawn Davis, Spencerville

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