Letter: Difference between Trump, McCain?

I take issue with Michael B. Loughlin’s letter about Sen. John McCain and President Trump. For someone who is in the Department of History, Politics and Justice at Ohio Northern, you are extremely misinformed. It begs the question, “What are they teaching in school these days?”

The only true statement that is in this piece of liberal dribble is that Mr. Trump is what Republicans craved. The rest of it is proof that our education system has become a miserable failure.

McCain was not Donald Trump, very definitely not. McCain turned his back on his own party and like many in the Republican Party he was considered a RINO. Up until then the left hated him just as they hate all conservatives and treated him as such with all the name-calling they are famous for.

Destroying Liberalism would be one of the greatest accomplishments of this presidency. The man was elected to do a job and is actually following through on his promises.

Here is the difference between Trump and McCain: McCain was a politician, Trump is not. Trump is doing what he was elected to do where as a politician is only worried about getting re-elected from the moment he wins an election.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings

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