Letter: Speculation out of line

I am very much in disagreement with the Aug. 30 letter written by Michael Loughlin, associated with the Department of History at Ohio Northern University, concerning our president ready to start or engage us in a foreign conflict or war anytime soon.

I would like to remind him that we have been fighting wars for the last 50 plus years with various political parties in office.

I emigrated from a Western European country in 1953 and for the last 60 plus years since I have lived here we have been associated in some sort of war or conflict. I will only list a few such as Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan or other Middle Eastern countries. If not at war, it would be referred to as a conflict or engagement as in Libya etc. …

It is a tremendous boost for our economy to create or be involved in wars or conflicts since our economy relies on it. The number of employees that are employed by only naming the top six major contractors is in the thousands plus add in all the other subcontractors and your probably into hundreds of thousand employees.

My personal opinion is that some or most of these wars could be created through the defense industries, which of course use our very intelligent lobbyists in Washington D.C. to influence our politicians regarding our foreign policy and gets us into more world problems.

Like they say, “follow the money” trail.

Whether our present president will start a war anytime soon is not to know and the historian should only concentrate on past history and not speculate.

John Van Lint, Lima

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