Letter: Want a scare? Talk to Democrat

Americans! President Trump is on the ballot this November. The Swamp is under attack and it resents it. The Swamp is defending itself by attacking Donald Trump. All of his initiatives are on the ballot. Tax cuts, immigration, regulation, jobs and the economy are all on the table. Donald Trump has a trade deal with Mexico announced today and works to rewrite others more favorably.

We must preserve this and keep it progressing. MAGA.

With all of these positives why would anyone vote for a Democrat?

In his first months, President Trump did more for the average taxpayer than Obama did in 8 years. The economy started to recover from the malaise of the error of Obama. The stock market has hit record highs. Government regulation has been drastically reduced and is going lower. We became an energy exporter. A major tax cut was passed. All categories of unemployment are at record lows. Diplomatic initiatives are bearing fruit as President Trump seeks to bring respect back for America.

There is no desire from the Democrats to actually reform our immigration laws. They will not even talk. Just think of the consequences of the open borders Democrats want. More criminals and drugs entering this country. Possible terrorists. Time to end anchor babies, the lottery, DACA, and chain migration.

Why would we want to reverse this progress by electing Democrats? They would keep unfavorable trade deals. They admire socialism and open borders. Just imagine Venezuela and what might happen to your job as the economy crashes.

Phillip Sellati, Lima

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