Letter: This is our president?

It is disgraceful that our president really didn’t order the flag to be raised all the way up over the White House after just two days of being flow half-staff in “honor” of U.S. Sen. John McCain? It wasn’t until public outcry that they were lowered again.

President Trump is just living in the White House — it is not his! The White House should have the respect any building of our nation should have! This is our nation, not Trump Village.

How can “he” make our country “great again” with his irresponsible actions. His actions are reprehensible and nauseating.

What kind of a person is this? I guess he’s really just shown his true colors! They seem to be yellow. What was his service to this country?

Maybe someone (Congress) should have made the President abide to the rules before taking the office. The public is still waiting for many papers that should have been released before taking office. Irresponsible “kids,” of any age, must be dealt with for what they are and need to adhere to the “laws of the land”.

Somebody with a brain please take over in Washington D.C. All of you allowing this are a disgusting embarrassment.

Do your job. You are being paid well for it!

Louise Myers, Cairo

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