Letter: Forget warnings; enforce law

With great empathy, we read Dave Lieurance’s letter on Aug. 12 about the noise and driving violations around UNOH. We live over a mile from the UNOH campus, and still hear squealing tires and loud exhaust. Additionally our home is near the intersection of Cable and Market that is used by UNOH students to travel to and from off-campus housing.

Every few minutes a vehicle with altered exhaust or straight pipes passes the intersection so loudly that hearing the TV in the same room is impossible. Conversations outside are halted while illegal vehicles pass, or even longer if stopped by the traffic signal. Racing motors and purposeful driving for maximum noise output are common, not the exception. The roadways around the UNOH campus fall within the jurisdiction of four different law enforcement agencies.

The obvious remedy to this quality of life issue is for law enforcement to aggressively enforce the laws and ordinances of their jurisdiction. I talked to one officer about how often citations for noise violations were issued; they replied usually they give warnings. Warnings? When the violator purposely alters the exhaust system, and reves the engine to cause maximum effect is cause for a citation.

UNOH has branded the school as the home of the Racers. Unfortunately the students choose to not respect or differentiate between the race track and the public streets. Over the years, several fatalities have occurred on the public roadways around the campus involving UNOH students.

While not all violators are UNOH students, violations throughout the community need to be enforced. This is a quality of life issue impacting the entire area.

Joe and Tina Bowsher, Lima

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