Letter: Newspaper, TV dropped the ball

This is in response to the coverage of the Bradfield Center’s “80th Celebration,” which was held Aug. 16 at the UNOH Event Center.

The guest speaker was Ayanna Gregory, the daughter of Dick Gregory, the renown activist and comedian. It was a real treat and exceptional speaker to a full room of about 200 people.

I am very disappointed with The Lima News and WLIO-TV for not covering this fantastic,informative, and entertaining evening. It seems that when there is something that is negative or disturbing, it gets coverage forever. Bradfield Community Center is a historical entity which is so important to many people, not just African-Americans. The man who was instrumental for starting Bradfield was a doctor and saw the situation of young people in Lima. Events such as this is a positive for the city of Lima.

Have a blessed day.

Mary Williamson, Lima

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