Letter: ‘The Enemy of the People’

On Aug. 11, The Lima News published a letter from Leslie Kubinski in which she compares me to Adolph Hitler — this because I am critical of Donald Trump and his administration.

There’s a principle in argumentation called “Godwin’s Law.” The law states that, once a participant in a debate compares his or her opponent to Hitler or the Nazis, the debate is over and the person who made the comparison is declared the loser. According to Godwin, then, I should treat Ms. Kubinski’s letter as beneath notice.

But there is one thing in the letter I’d like to address. Ms. Kubinski notes that under Hitler’s rule, “Reading books, free speech and basic human rights were verboten.”

It is Donald Trump, not I, who has violently attacked free speech and the free press — repeatedly characterizing the latter as “The Enemy of the People.”

The phrase “enemy of the people,” it turns out, was frequently employed by … Guess who?… the Nazis. An example comes from the tabloid “Der Sturmer”:

“Jews are pests and disseminators of diseases. In whatever country they settle and spread themselves out, they produce the same effects as are produced in the human body by germs. … In former times sane people and sane leaders of the peoples made short shrift of enemies of the people. They had them either expelled or killed.”

Sorta sounds like Trump talking about immigrants “infesting” our country, don’t it?

My apologies to Godwin …

Kelly Anspaugh, Ada


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