Letter: People should be ‘held accountable’

I lived in Lima most of my life, but recently moved for work. I continue reading The Lima News to try and stay abreast of things going on. In Sunday’s edition of thenewspaper, I read yet another article in which the NAACP wants the Lima Police Department to be “held accountable” for actions the officers have taken. If what I was reading was in this article was in fact true, the individuals involved were lucky.

For instance it sounds as if the Odom woman was indeed disorderly to say the least. And if I’m not mistaken, buying $300 in pills (Percocet) from someone off the street would be against the law as well. As for the young man and his “dude” friend being armed, even with a “gun-shaped knife,” put yourself in the responding officers place. They have no idea what they are going to face when answering a call of a weapon. How many officers have been wounded, or worse yet killed by waiting that split second. In today’s times, we all need to use our heads and not put “ourselves” in situations like this.

Mr. Fails and the NAACP keep harping on the Lima Police Department getting body cameras, my thoughts are if they would put as much effort into helping solve the situation (possibly doing fund-raisers to help pay for these, and keep the cost down to both the city and taxpayers) it would be far more benefit to everyone.

I for one commend the Lima Police Department, Allen County Sheriffs’s Office and all Law Enforcement for doing a job that some would call “thankless.” Keep up the good work!

Robin Johnson, Wapakoneta

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