Letter: Up to the young to bring change

The paragraph below is not in my words, however, I believe it is of interest to those individuals who have children and/or grandchildren or anyone who loves children. During a five-minute video, former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan makes a statement that initially he thought maybe it was black and brown students that were not cared about in gun violence until Sandy Hook and Parkland.

He says something that I said to my grandchildren, “It is up to them, it was young people who led the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam Protests, and some gave their lives if you remember Kent State in Ohio.” So I want to share this information with The Lima News readers who may not receive “Big Think” on their computers but would like to hear from somebody who is not screaming a protest “for” or “against” guns. Arne Duncan is a mild-mannered speaker, who gives the first-hand experience from a different perspective, that makes one think.

How I realized America values guns more than the lives of kids:

When he ran schools in Chicago, there was a student killed by gun violence every two weeks, says the former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. He thought there would be changes to our laws after Sandy Hook, Parkland, and other massacres, but the adults failed in protecting the kids. Now it’s up to the young people who are mobilizing themselves and Duncan is hopeful they will finally bring real change.

If you would like to hear more of what Arne Duncan has to say in a 5-minute video: https://bit.ly/2OS5uLc

or Google: Big Think article by Arne Duncan

Carole L. Daley, Lima

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