Letter: Election board shirks its duty

Yesterday, I got hit with a right hook, but today I’m back on my feet.

After considerable thought and a morning of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Allen County Board of Elections has created a Constitutional Crisis. Their questionable behavior (possibly worse) has cheated the people of Allen County out of the ability to choose a commissioner. They are mandated, by law, to facilitate fair and honest elections to serve the best interest of the voters and the candidates. They have a fiduciary responsibility and were budgeted $687,830 of taxpayers money, in 2018, to fulfill their duty. That is especially true for Board Director Kathy Meyer, who took an oath of office to honor the constitution and to do the very best job she could do.

At this point, I feel my best remedy is to file a suit, reserving the right to go class action at nine digits. Starting immediately, I will be contacting attorneys for input and action.

I’ve been predicting that the mid-term election would see a ton of this crooked behavior. The deep state will do all that they can do to prevent any more Donald Trump types from gaining office, at any level. That will produce lots of lawsuits.

Ned Bushong, Lima

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