Letter: Garrett responds, but not Jordan

A recent letter “Garrett needs coverage to show the alternative” asks The Lima News to publish information that distinguishes Janet Garrett as a Congressional candidate in Ohio’s 4th District. Here is one issue in which Janet Garrett clearly rises above: getting money out of politics.

There is a reform movement in Ohio, and American Promise is leading the way with support from candidates like Janet Garrett. American Promise advocates a 28th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution to curb the vast sums of money in elections and governing.

American Promise Ohio asked the two candidates to support the goal of a 28th amendment to limit money in politics, the overrepresentation of financial donors, and special privileges for corporations.

Janet Garrett agreed to promote a 28th Amendment as a member of Congress when she is elected. She said, “Big money and special interests corrupt decision making in Washington. I will proudly support initiatives, including a Constitutional Amendment, that will get dark money out of our politics once and for all and give power back to the people.”

Incumbent Rep. Jim Jordan would not schedule a meeting to discuss this issue of corruption through big money in politics nor respond to phone calls and emails.

Lisa Robeson, Bluffton

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