Letter: These are not normal times

Amarosa Manigault and Michael Cohen, are two people, who under ordinary circumstances, would have little in common with each other. Except, both of them share a common acquaintance, Donald J Trump.

Both Amarosa and Cohen have known Trump personally for well over a decade, long before he became President. While I am not a fan of either one of them, the fact that both chose to secretly record their private conversations with President Trump is not a coincidence. Both, having dealt with President Trump over a period of many years, understand one of the President’s most defining characteristics: He lies, and he lies a lot.

More than a year ago, James Comey was informed that President Trump may have recorded their private conversation. Rather than expressing alarm, Comey replied, “Lordy, I hope so”!

Under normal circumstances I believe that it is unethical, if not illegal, to secretly record private conversations. Unfortunately, there is nothing normal about these times we live in. I’m sure there will be more secret recordings.

James Carr, Celina

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