Letter: UNOH board ignoring problem

My wife and I are residents of Sherwood Park, south of the University of Northwestern Ohio, and we have lived here for 43 years. We are both retired and love having our eight grandchildren at our house as much as possible. Twelve years ago we started making our back yard a kids playland: pool, trampoline, wood swing set, fire pit. UNOH has made the last 12 years hell, not only for us, but all of our neighbors. You can’t even set on your back porch in the evening for all the noise generated at UNOH. Some of the students race on the roads at UNOH with their load noise making cars, trucks and motorcycles. You will never see a security truck anywhere when this is going on.

Try calling security at UNOH, big joke. The language they use is not fit for adults let alone small children. The City of Lima has a noise ordinance which states the type of noises coming from UNOH will not be tolerated.

I ask Judge David Cheney, who is the president of the board at UNOH, are these studentts breaking the law?

What happens when one of these students is racing around campus and loses control of his car, truck, motorcycle and hits someone or something and injures someone or himself? Is the college, trustees, president responsible because they knew what was going on and did nothing to control this type of behavior?

We the people of Sherwood think it is time for the Board of Directors at UNOH to step up and do their job.

Dave Lieurance, American Township

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