Letter: Respect needed from NFL players

This is in response to Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown, who says “Trump tweets inflame Anthem issue.”

This is how I feel about NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem:

• Be the change you want to see

• Complain on your own time and own dime — “I don’t take my cause to work”

• Move to another country and get a job

• Stay in the locker room out of respect for others

We taxpayers pay for the stadiums, not the NFL but we have no say in what goes on in them. The USA is not perfect but our veterans and flag deserve respect. Some of the teams start the games after the National Anthem like we’re too stupid to notice.

My father was in the service, my brother and several uncles. My Uncle Joe survived the beach at Normandy to live and bury his son who was killed in Vietnam.

Your owners look the other way while your players:

• Abuse drugs

• Are guilty of domestic violence

• Are paid mega-millions then act like the world can’t live without them

I do not “Facebook” or “Tweet” so you see the President didn’t stir me up. Watching the players and owners disrespect what I hold dear, did!

Maxine Brooks, Delphos

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