Letter: Too busyto say goodbye

On July 26th I buried my high school sweetheart who was just short of her 87th birthday. We didn’t get married right out of high school because we married others. However, after 56 years we found each other again and God gave us 13 great years together. The funeral home did a good job of pre-planning so the funeral came and went without a hitch. I wasn’t satisfied, however.

Out of the hundreds who knew her and the few who knew me, only a handful of very close friends helped us lay her to rest. The others who knew her missed the opportunity to say goodbye to a lady who never missed the chance to make a friend out of a stranger.

Until you lay to rest someone you’ve loved from the age of 18, you’ll never know the impact friends make at such a time in helping to fill the large hole in one’s stomach and heart. I hope as a society we never get in such a rush that we find it too bothersome to honor those we’ve known nearly all of our lives. With that, I bid a very sad farewell to my sweetheart, and ask all who read this to say goodby to Patricia Rae McKinley.

Don Kinkle, Cridersville

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