Letter: Sees no good, hears no good

Long ago an individual with small mustache and enlarged ego tried to conquer the world with unsurpassed hatred. Reading books, free speech and basic human rights were verboten.

We thought as free thinkers and free society this type of fanaticism was of the past. But we discovered it never truly dies, but survives in the hearts of individuals who lack respect of others and common decency.

I believe this to be true in the letters written by Kelly Anspaugh.

He despises our great military, dismisses laws of our land and the rightful leaders chosen by the people. Normally I would recommend a psychiatrist, but his case requires an exorcist. He is the true traitor, his eyes not seeing the good being accomplished by our president. His ears betray him from listening to the truth. We have jobs galore, more take home pay, lower taxes, and less fear in the world. You, Kelly, spread lies about a president who even wishes you well.

Look up , see the sun, but alas Kelly, I fear you only see doom within your inner thoughts and they have destroyed your faith in reality.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta

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