Letter: Sidewalks for some, not others

OK Lima, where is the Cable Road sidewalk north of Allentown Road for the students going to UNOH? Everyone can see not one, but two, sidewalks south of Allentown Road on Cable. There are also sidewalks on both sides of state Route 309 through the businesses and even all the way to Elida on the west side.

The UNOH students have a muddy path along Sherwood Park area and only have a sidewalk along McDonalds. I have observed students walking on Cable Road when snow was piled over their path.

I just read 1,500 students graduated from 32 different countries, 36 different states and I’m sure they don’t all own a car or truck. Certainly these students bring lots of revenue to this community and deserve a sidewalk to go to drug stores and eating establishments.

Summer is the ideal time to put the sidewalk in place so let’s get busy and show appreciation for all they support in the area.

Carolyn Michael, Lima

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